Welcome to the Goodwin Tech PFO. We encourage you to join us in our mission
to enhance the high school experience for our students. This year marks a fresh
start for the PFO, we have a lot of new faces, new ideas and new opportunities to
make a positive impact on student life at Goodwin Tech. Please join us on the
second Monday of each month from 7pm to 8pm for our virtual meeting via
Google meet. Reminders and meeting codes are sent out monthly via Parent
Square. We look forward to having you join us!

A Note From the President,

Hi there, thanks for stopping by. Why a note from me in addition to the general
welcome we posted above? Well, it’s because I’m very aware of the stereotypes
that surround parent faculty organizations. You know exactly what I mean. To
quote an educator friend of mine “When I hear PFO I think of soccer moms
eating grocery store cookies and not getting much done.” His thoughts on a PFO
President? “She’s probably the type of person that asks to speak to the manager
a lot” Ouch. He’s not the only person that feels that way. Many people share his
opinion. My job to dispel those perceptions and reassure you that the Goodwin
Tech PFO is and can be, far better than that.
So if we aren’t what a lot of people assume we are, what are we? We are a
dedicated group of moms and dads, devoted extended family members and
guardians. We are joined by a group of teachers and faculty that are deeply
invested in their students. We are here to support the Gladiator community in as
many ways and by whatever means that we can.
So how can you get involved? Please do join us for our monthly meeting. If you
can’t make it that doesn’t mean that you can’t still contribute and be a part of our
team. I encourage you to reach out to me to be added to the mailing list (details
on that below) so that you can stay in the loop on what we are doing and what
opportunities you have to participate. In addition you are always welcome to
reach out to me personally with questions, comments and suggestions. So on
behalf of myself and the rest of the (equally awesome and stereotype defying)
officers, thanks for reading and welcome to the Goodwin Tech PFO.

Megan Boyles
PFO President


Did you know that the majority of what the PFO does is behind the scenes? Very
rarely is what we discuss at the meetings shared on Parent Square. The best
way to stay on top of our latest activities, hear about our successes and learn
how you can get involved is to join the mailing list. Please email PFO President
Megan Boyles at PFO.Goodwin@cttech.org with your contact information to be
added today.

Goodwin Gift Card Giveaway Winners

May 1st – Robert Kelley
May 2nd – Steven Fortenbach
May 3rd – Jennifer Johnson
May 4th – Danielle Cleary
May 5th – Rosie Moreira
May 6th – Shanny Williams
May 7th – Kelley Crittenden
May 8th – Kim Assalone
May 9th – Michael O’Conner
May 10th – Francis Turner

May 11th – Kathy Kelley
May 12th – Lew Michaels
May 13th – Brad Boyles
May 14th – Lori Gaglione
May 15th – Jenna Moreira
May 16th – Kim Davis
May 17th – Joseph Herod
May 18th – Jesenia Gonzalez

May 19th – Skip Larson
May 20th – Doris Malloy
May 21st – Diane Lukaszewski
May 22nd – Joseph Green
May 23rd – Bev Hesline
May 24th – Cindy Paul
May 25th – Janis Wilson
May 26th – Anthony Uvino

May 27th – Kelly Welch
May 28th – Sue Burrows
May 29th – Diane D’Alesandris
May 30th – Pamela Cochran
May 31st – Ray Ivanson