Director of Counseling and Admissions
Ericka Torres

(860) 827-7736 ext 318


Counselor Seniors and Freshman Grade Team 3
Chris Lynch

(860) 827-7736 ext 316


Counselor Freshman Grade Team 3  

Jacquelyn Fairey

(860) 827-7736 ext 341


Counselor Juniors and Freshman Grade Team 2
Ed Heath

(860) 827-7736 ext 319


Counselor Sophomores and Freshman Grade Team 1
Molly LeFort

(860) 827-7736 ext 317



School Psychologist

Michael Parrott

(860) 827-7736 ext 315



School Social Worker
Vanessa Medina-Valdez

(860) 827-7736 ext 315



Dean of Students (Attendance)

Betsi Feldman

(860) 827-7736 ext 309



Education Assistant

Elizabeth Klimaszewski

(860) 827-7736 ext 485



School Counseling Secretary

Evelyn Santiago Morales

(860) 827-7736 ext 320


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